Forming Machine

Portion control, hygiene, safety and individual shapes are the basis for your future success. The complete FMT machine- and accessories program will help to enable you to creatively meet the permanent rising challenge of the food industry market.

Get your meat-, fish-, poultry-, vegetables-, potato- and bakery-products into shape with FMT machines.


Forming Machine

Superformer SF-600 r2.png
Superformer SF-600 r3.png

The FMT Super Former (SFM-serie) is especially designed for industrial processing of delicate food products. The heart of the machine is a moulding plate system which enables you to portion and form a wide range of products.

The product is given into a built-in hopper and fed to the filling passage through a push filling system. An innovative filling system then feeds the product into the moulding plate very carefully. The entirely mechanical machine processes the products carefully and precisely and enables a very stable production process even at low pressure. Through the operating panel you can easily control any process parameter by PLC.

Optional devices like different forming plates, doubler, ball rolling device, croquette extruding device and paper interleaver make the machine applicable for a wide range of products and product shapes. Forming plates can be changed very easily and rapidly.

The closed base enables easy and safe cleaning: all electrical and mechanical parts are well protected inside the machine.

Superformer SF-600 r2.png
Superformer SF-600 r1.png
Superformer SF-600 r3.png
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