Belt cutting machine BS-1500


The FMT belt cutting  machine, typ BS-1500  has been developed for middle capacity production and is especially suitable for vegetable slicing companies.

This state of the art machine perfectly slices all leafy vegetables (lettuce, chicory etc.) as well as elongated products (leek, Chinese cabbage, beans, etc.). There are optional cutting attachments, such as the adjustable slicing disc with scimitar shaped blades for the slicing of cabbage and peppers. Knives, product guides, belts, belt tension mechanism and other machine parts can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning without requiring tools.

The machine satisfies the basic requirements for vegetable processing machines:

  • Meets the strict EC, GS and HACCP hygiene prescriptions
  • Is easy to clean
  • Is Easy to work with Excellent cutting result, which will lead to longer tenability of the final product
  • Company secure and easy to maintain
  • Very silent

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