Air drying systems


The FMT Double belt suction dryers consists of 2 independent driven belts. The first belt can also be used as a dewatering belt in case the system will be connected to a washer.

Speed of the belts can be adjusted on the inverters which are mounted in the control panel. Each belt is driven by a drum motor and cleaned by an air knife.

Fans, 4 in total suck air at high speed through the product and the top part of the belt, while removing droplets of water.

The system saves water, reduces product damage, increases capacity and improves dryness.

Optional the machine can be equipped with an agitation system. This system knocks from the underside against the belt so the product on the belt jumps up.

While the product is transported over the two belts in combination with 4 suction pipes attached water is separated from the product. By using this technique a unique drying process is created while the final quality of the product will improve and the shelf life of the product is increased.

The FMT double belt suction dryer comes, with an endless woven perforated plastic belt, fabricated from food-resistant synthetic material, Widely constructed, good accessibility. Cleaning-friendly construction (HACCP).


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