Batter Mixer

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The propeller type mixer is available in two capacities. The batter mixer FFEM-100 has a volume of 100 litres and the batter mixer type FFEM-200 has 200 litres mixing capacity. The mixer is supplied for normally pumpable mixtures to be used with the Batter machine or Tempura dipper. To keep the batter in a well mixed condition interval mixing is used. A pressure pump can be used for heavier liquid mixtures, such as tempura.

When a full automatic batter mixing process is required we supply a batter mixing unit, type FFEM-200/A, wich works on a recipe based process.    

Summary of benefits:  
•    Homogeneous mixture
•    Applicator recharged automatically
•    Hygienic batter processing
•    Labour saving
•    Easy to operate and clean

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FFEM-100 rendered met cooling unit.png
FFEM-200 HMI.png

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