Drum washing machines

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The drum washing machine of FMT is used to wash potatoes and other root products.

The machine consists of a rod drum and frame. By choosing a certain distance between the rods, the maximum size of the impurities to be separated is determined.

The cleaning operation is based on a combination of water and mutual rubbing together of products. In order to optimize the rubbing effect, the quantity of product can be regulated by a sliding plate at the discharge side of the drum. By hand or automatically. Cleaning with water is achieved by means of sprays and/or water bath.

Both possibilities are freely adjustable. In this way you can choose the optimal cleaning method for each kind of contamination, without increasing water consumption.


  • various rod spacings possible
  • driven by bands or wheels
  • with or without product height adjustment
  • with or without water level adjustment
  • with or without dirt reception hopper

FMT delivers tailor-made machines. Therefore capacity and dimensions will depend on your product and specific requirements. All our machines are constructed of stainless steel wherever possible and comply with the stringent, international standards in the field of safety and hygiene.


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