Blanching is a thermal process usually used as preparation for another cooking technique. It involves cooking foods in hot water or steam for short periods only, not necessarily to cook the foods but to prepare them for the next step in the process. Blanching inactivates enzymes and reduces bacterial loads thus reducing the load requirement for further processing. Vegetables are frequently blanched before canning or freezing. Blanching is used to tenderise and pre-shrink products. FMT supplies a wide range of blanching, cooking and cooling tanks with or without stirring unit. For the best blanching technique for your process please contact us.      

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The FMT Full immersion belt blancher allows more homogeneous blanching, since all the products are totally submerged. Blanching conditions are adjusted by means of multiple direct or indirect steam system, while precise retention time is automatically controlled.

The main advantages and features of the system are:

• Improved product quality with higher yield.
• Improved sanitation.
• Increased energy efficiency and reduced total operating costs.
• Designed for very even and consistent blanching.
• Program control for quick changeover between processes.
• Various blancher lengths and widths available.

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