Contact cooking

For full or pre-cooking of products on both sides, the FMT Contact Cooker is the answer. The FMT Contact Cookers offer a fast cooking process, hygienic design, are easy to clean and very reliable. The FMT Contact Cookers can be supplied with a belt width of 400, 600 and 1.000 mm. The machine can be combined with other FMT machines like for example continuous fryer, hot air oven and steam oven.

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Contact cooking

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FMT Contact Cookers can be used to grill a wide variety of products. They give the product the right colour, bite, flavour and texture. Contact cooking is a cooking technique using conduction heating. The product is transported through the machine by two belts which are in contact with the heating platens. The platens transfer the heat directly to the surface of the product through the Teflon belt.

To extend your operational flexibility FMT contact cookers are available with a variety of accessory options like:
- Belt tracking system
- Continuous dual belt washing system
- Height adjustable top belt- Belt tensioning system
- Heating platens with char-grill-marking
- PLC control with touch screen

Standard belt widths are 400, 600 and 1.000 mm 

Summary of benefits:

  • Fast cooking, higher yield
  • Contact cooking on both sides
  • Grill marking profiles to customer demand
  • Improved product appearance;
  • Improved processing and energy efficiency;
  • Large application window
  • Easy to install in differing production lines;
  • Hygienic design;
  • On wheels and adjustable height;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Easy to clean.
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