Spiral Cooler / Freezer

FMT cooling and freezing systems offer tailored first class solutions for preserving product taste, structure and freshness. FMT cooling conveyors and spiral coolers/freezers can be used standalone or as integrated systems which efficiently exploit transport time for cooling and freezing. FMT machines come with PLC-control and can be fitted with a wide range of coolants.

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Spiral Cooler / Freezer


The FMT spiral cooler and freezer makes cooling and freezing quick and durable. The machine operates under the IQF-procedure, so taste, structure and freshness are optimally maintained.

Steady airflow and multi stage adjustable airspeed (optional) guarantee careful and steady cooling/freezing. During the process product weight loss is minimal. The machine is PLC-controlled and can be used with different coolants, like R40A, R507, R22, CO2, NH3, (ethylene) glycol and ice water. All further cooling media on request.


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