Lineair hot air oven

FMT cooking systems provide careful heating of products by steam or hot air. Heat is always evenly distributed over full belt width. All machines need minimal pre-heating time and offer full control of process parameters like air speed, humidity, belt speed and temperature. FMT machines come in linear or spiral configurations, all with built-in belt washing system.

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Lineair hot air oven


The FMT Lineair hot air oven, type FHAF, heats your products by means of hot air steam. Due to the equal air flow and the multi-adjustable air speed the products will be carefully and equally heated over the complete belt width. Because of the exact dew point regulation the weight loss is reduced. All parameters like belt speed, air speed, humidity and temperature are controlled via PLC-control.  Electric heating elements as well as thermal oil heating registers, steam heated registers and/or direct steam can be used for the energy supply.

 Summery and benefits:

  • Suitable for a wide range of products
  • Product of a consistently uniformly over the whole width of the belt
  • The creation of the correct micro climate with efficient heat control
  • Improved yield as a result of optimum airflow
  • Optimum cleanability
  • Integrated belt wash system
  • PLC control with touch screen
  • Minimum heat up time and energy use

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