Transport screws

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By means of the transport screw of FMT a large variety of products can be transported.

Products are fed into the hopper of the transport screw by hand or automatically. The installation consists of a body and a screw shaft with a fully welded screw. If desired, the body can be provided with a double wall to nable the product to be heated.

Depending on the product to be transported, the transport screw can be installed at various angles.

Possible executions:

  • omega, U-shaped or closed body
  • open or closed screw 
  • protected by e.g. interlocked hinged hatches or bar grid
  • with motor reductor or motor variator

FMT delivers tailor-made machines. Therefore capacity and dimensions ill depend on your product and specific requirements. All our machines are constructed of stainless steel wherever possible and comply with the stringent, international standards in the field of safety and hygiene.

Screw transport line 1.png
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