Flexible frying unit

FMT frying solutions enable full control of the (pre-)frying process, including optimal cooking control and oil quality management. FMT offers hot oil open systems and water/oil-based machines. Our innovative machines come with adjustable and energy-efficient heating systems and different continuous filtration systems for lower production costs and higher product quality. The FMT frying program also includes oil storage tanks and paper belt filters.


Flexible frying unit

FVFRU-400-1000 met olie tank rendered.png
FVFRU-400-1000 rendered.png

The FMT Flexible Frying Unit (VFFRU-400/1000 E) is a water/oil based frying machine. Adjustable frying time and temperature (160 – 180 °C) allow for optimal fried, healthy products. The FMT high quality design prevents splashing, even with frozen product. This design also reduces oil consumption, retains oil colour and prolongs the frying medium’s life. An integrated flow sensor prevents over-heating when the pump should be faulty. Like all FMT machines, the flexible frying unit is made from first class materials, is energy efficient and easy to clean.

Summary of benefits
• Optimal fried, healthy products
• No splashing, even when frying frozen products
• Reduced oil consumption, retaining oil colour 
• Prolongs frying medium’s life: less oil change
• Energy efficient and easy to clean

FVFRU-400-1000 rendered.png
FVFRU-400-1000 met olie tank rendered.png

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