Conveyor systems

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For the transportation of all processed products, commensurate with customer specification and factory application.

The drive of the transport belts can be by means of motor gearbox or drum motor. The belt can be simply adjusted (tracked) on both sides of the frame. Optionally the belt can be provided with a quick release system for cleaning purposes.

All transport belts can be provided with approved food quality belts in blue, white or open type segmented belts or plastic wire mesh belt.

Flat conveyor belts are used for horizontally moving products. Elevator belts can be also be provided with flighted belts to integrate onto the flat conveyors. This type of belt is manufactured with a product holding hopper. Transportation of wet product can be customised for clients individual requirements e.g. to include product re-arrangers, vacuum water extraction or air knife removers.


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BE-V-with-covers 1785.png
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